PBX : (2) 668 0221C. El Prado : (2) 334 0000C.Cartago : (2) 214 8282
Tesoro : EXT: 131 - 132C. Palmira : (2) 270 5822Popayan : (2) 831 7880
Jardin Plaza : EXT 141/ 142C. Buga : (2) 237 5858_ :
Palmira : (2) 286 4617C. Tulua : (2) 225 3895

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Be tolerant of the human race. Your whole family belongs to it -- and some of your spouse's family too.
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If computers get too powerful, we can organize them into a committee -- that will do them in.
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But at my back I always hear Time's winged chariot hurrying near.
ggocyto ruzbqmm
If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.
vhcyvhq mgzetqj
Where humor is concerned there are no standards - no one can say what is good or bad, although you can be sure that everyone will.
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Deliver yesterday, code today, think tomorrow.
pmmljkd coecfnb
Real life is that big, high-res, high-color screen saver behind all the windows.
addolpt wvjudjd
Happiness is good health and a bad memory.
cagilvg yhysosy
Far too many development shops are run by fools who succeed despite their many failings.
nutnqet renhppp
Don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone I love .

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Principal Cali Cll. 23 Norte No. 3N-63, Local 1 Tesoro Cali C.C. El Tesoro, Local 114
Jardin Plaza Cali C.C. Jardin Plaza, Local 128B
Oficina Palmira Cra. 29 No. 28-51
Oficina Popayán Cra. 5 No. 3-56 Comfandi Tulua
Cra. 21 No. 39-65
Comfandi El Prado Cra. 23 No. 26B - 46 Comfandi Cartago Cra. 4 No. 9-45

Comfandi Buga Cll. 5 No. 16-78 Comfandi Palmira Cll. 32 No. 28-03